Milan, Macerata, Palermo, 12 May 2015

Dear readers,
As a year has passed since the launching of QIL, the occasion seems appropriate for a short note from the managing editors.
First of all, let us warmly thank all those who helped to make this initiative possible. We refer above all to the authors who, with no exception, were ready to provide papers of high scientific quality and to cope with the strict deadlines that an online publication imposes; the members of the editorial board who indefatigably worked to organize each and every issue of QIL; our team of editorial assistants, who often acting under time pressure were always punctual in ensuring the editing and the linguistic revision of the contributions. Finally, a special word is also reserved for our Publisher, Editoriale Scientifica of Naples, for its support in the management of the practical complications related to the organization of an e-journal.
In this first year, we have published 39 papers, both in English and in French, and we intend to stick to bi- (or even, tri-) linguism.
There is no doubt that some – more or less evident and troubling – shortcomings have emerged and still persist concerning the formula of QIL. Just to briefly mention some of them, from an initial three-week timetable we have gradually switched to publishing on a monthly basis; and we are also still struggling with the somewhat incoherent organization of the materials in the website, which may appear somewhat unfriendly to the user. Notwithstanding this, there is also room for optimism, insofar as – judging by the reassuring feedback coming from both personal contacts and social and scholarly networks (academia, twitter, FB) – QIL appears to have been well received in the community of international law scholars, and its impact is seemingly growing. This is a reason for particular pride for the managers of an initiative that does not count on any material resources, but rather on the personal enthusiasm and the intellectual dedication of a group of colleagues and friends.
Our plan is to render QIL an increasingly dynamic and rich platform of scholarly content. In the near future, for example, we will publish for the first time the proceedings of a conference. All the contributions of the first year will also be gathered in a full Journal version that will be printable on demand.
Finally, some words should be dedicated to introducing the current May 2015 issue, which is also intended to announce a number of future developments in the conception and planning of the journal. Inspired by the dual purpose of celebrating our first anniversary and of offering some kind of special gift to our readers (hopefully welcome), we have decided to derogate from the usual deadlines and to provide a homepage entirely refreshed in its contents, with a special issue composed of two new Zoom-ins and a new Zoom-out. The Zoom-out also features a variation on the usual formula, by offering a wider background paper, dealing with a foundational question of international law, followed by some shorter and more targeted commentaries. This Zoom-out is also intended to inaugurate what will be an occasional series devoted to the critical examination of some of the general topics considered during the ILC works of codification of international law.
We hope that our readers will join us not only in celebrating the first year of QIL, but in keeping up their welcome support with their contributions and comments on our joint endeavour.
Maurizio Arcari, Paolo Palchetti, Antonello Tancredi